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Mardi 16 Octobre 2018
Peps Motos
Pep's Motos Ufolep de Vitesse 50cc getting a 125 will prove a drag ??

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getting a 125 will prove a drag ??

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I'm going to be entering into the world of scooters shortly. I am probably going to get either a Vespa LX 50 or 125 but can't decide which. I have a car licence already and will have to take the CBT either way, but i'm not sure if getting a 125 will prove a drag as i will have to take a theory and practical test etc. The key problem is, i will be commuting 11 miles to work and think a 50cc might hold me back! i'll be travelling from greenwich (south east london) to the west end (obviously west london)

Please help.

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